Alanna McGinn of Good Night Sleep SiteAlanna McGinn is a mom of three (including twins) and Founder of Good Night Sleep Site, a global family sleep consulting practice. For over eight years, she and her team of sleep consultants have helped countless children and adults overcome their sleep challenges.

Alanna is a published and resident Sleep Expert in multiple publications such as Maclean’s, Today’s Parent, Yummy Mummy Club, and Huffington Post, and she has helped major corporations like Bayer and AON Hewitt create better sleep habits for their employees. Alanna strives to help families get the healthy sleep they are meant to have.

In addition to being a busy mama, entrepreneur and published sleep expert, Alanna is also a Social Common Creative contributor. If you haven’t already checked out her videos on our platform, head over to the Parenting page ASAP! We are so lucky to have Alanna share her advice and tips, which help set up moms and their littles for sleep success.

Alanna joined us on The Cat & Nat Show this week to answer some of the sleep questions that were sent in via social media. We received so many questions, but had so little time to tackle each one! Luckily, Alanna has shared her top three tips to prepare your baby for sleeping soundly this spring, which we’ve included below.

Alanna’s Top 3 Spring Sleep Tips

Protect naps as best you can. As the weather gets warmer, it’s easy for you to let naps slide because you tend to be outside and on-the-go more. Practice the 80/20 rule, so that even when it’s warm outside you are offering your baby consistent naps in a consistent environment 80% of the time.

Make sure to watch the bedtime clock. With evenings getting brighter, it’s so easy for bedtime to get pushed out too late without us even realizing it. Make sure you are hitting an age appropriate bedtime for your child consistently so that they aren’t going to bed overtired, which could affect how well they sleep at night.

Set up their sleep environment for spring.

  • Install blackout blinds to cover up those bright evenings and mornings. Get that melatonin flowin’!
  • Use a white noise machine to mask early morning sounds like birds and traffic.
  • Make sure baby is wearing breathable and cool pj’s to avoid overheating.

If you want more advice, answers and solutions to your sleep issues, watch Alanna’s segment on The Cat & Nat Show | Brows, Sleeping Babies & Mom Bums.