It’s no secret that parenting is hard work! But we want to make it a little easier for you. Whether you’re dealing with the dreaded tantrum, a sleepless baby or mom guilt, these videos will help you manage the daily struggles of motherhood.

Parenting | Laugh & Learn with Fisher-Price

Toys that encourage laughter and play, but also allow our kids to learn and grow, are must-haves for our home. Find out how the Fisher-Price Little People Animal Friends Farm and the Laugh & Learn Greetings Globe help little ones build skills and vocabulary.

Parenting | How to Help Your Kids Succeed at New Activities

Are your kids trying out new activities? Parenting coach Kelly Bourne offers tips on how to help your kids have fun and succeed.

Parenting | Reaching Milestones with Fisher-Price

As moms to seven kids, partnering with Fisher-Price was a no-brainer. In this video, we share some of our favourite Fisher-Price toys, and Parenting Educator Carolyn Sinclair explains how these products help little ones learn, grow and reach their developmental milestones all while having fun!

Parenting | Farm Kids Vs City Kids

We've been learning so much through our partnership with the Grain Farmers of Ontario, but we thought it would be fun to get our kids involved. And because kids say it best, we left it to them to explain where our food comes from!

Parenting | #stopCOMPAREnting

Quaker Canada's #StopCOMPAREnting movement is one that we truly love and support. It celebrates the real, raw, honest side of parenting and encourages parents to stop comparing themselves to one another.

Parenting | Encouraging Your Kids to Face Their Fears

It can be so hard to watch your kids struggle. Kelly Bourne shares three tips for helping your kids face their fears and conquer some tough situations.

Parenting | Help Your Child Adjust to the Fall Time Change

It's almost time to change the clocks back! Sleep expert Alanna McGinn, of Good Night Sleep Site, offers advice to help your little one (and you) adjust to the fall time change.

Parenting | How to Deal with a Screaming Child

Do you have a screamer on your hands? Whether your kid is yelling because they're excited about something or because they're angry and frustrated, we want to nip the screaming in the bud. Parenting coach Kelly Bourne shares her tips.

Parenting | Life Hacks for Busy Moms

Want to make life easier with a few simple tricks? Julie Solomon shares some great mom hacks!

Parenting | Underwear Training with Pampers Easy Ups

We're unboxing the new Pampers Easy Ups and sharing how they make the underwear training journey easier for us and our little ones. Our best potty training advice is to get the Easy Ups for your toddler and ride the rollercoaster!

Parenting | Toddler Unboxing Pampers Easy Ups

It's potty training time, and we're unboxing the new Pampers Easy Ups! Make the underwear training journey easier for you and your toddler with Easy Ups. Not only do they fit, feel and look more like real underwear, but they provide the same great leakage protection of Pampers.

Parenting | Teaching Kids to Make Good Decisions

Do your kids tune you out when you're trying to teach them a lesson? Parenting coach Kelly Bourne shares a quick tip for getting kids to cooperate, problem solve, and make good decisions.

Parenting | Review of the Hyundai Santa Fe XL

As moms to seven kids, there are certain things we look for when buying a new family vehicle. From safety, to ease, to aesthetics, we're giving you the rundown on all of our favourite features of the Hyundai Santa Fe XL. Our kids share their fav features, too!

Parenting | Sleep Train Your Baby With a Toddler at Home

It is possible to sleep train your baby when you have older kids at home. Sleep expert Alanna McGinn shares her tips on how to sleep train your baby while tending to the needs of your toddler.

Parenting | How to Get Kids to Talk About Their Day

Are you getting the silent treatment or little response when you ask your kids about their day? Parenting coach Kelly Bourne shares a trick that will help get your kids to open up.

Parenting | Back-to-School Sleep Tips for Your Family

It's time to head back to school, and Alanna McGinn has tips for getting your family back into the school sleep routine.

Parenting | How to Pack for a Family Road Trip

When travelling with kids in tow, it's crucial to master the art of packing, so we're sharing our tips. Find out how we packed the Hyundai Santa Fe XL for our epic family road trip!

Parenting | Mom Hack for Back-to-School Shopping

Dreading the idea of back to school shopping? We're sharing a major mom hack! allows us to shop online, save money and earn cash back on all of our purchases.

Parenting | Getting Your Napper Ready for Kindergarten

Is your child heading off to kindergarten this fall? Alanna McGinn has tips to help you transition your little napper into a new full-day routine.

Parenting | Why I Don't Tell My Kids to Use Their Words

Parents are often telling their little ones to "use your words," but Kelly Bourne suggests avoiding this phrase and explains what to say instead.

Parenting | Transitioning Your Baby from Two Naps to One

Is your toddler ready to transition from two naps to one? Sleep expert Alanna McGinn explains the signs that your little one is ready and offers tips for a smooth transition.

Parenting | Fundraising for SickKids

Our crew has been having a blast fundraising for The Great Camp Adventure Walk for SickKids, which will be taking place on September 24th! Teaching our kids about giving back to the community is so important, and we love that they’re so excited about helping others in need.

Parenting | How to Get Over Mommy Guilt

Struggling with mom guilt? Lisa Durante suggests asking yourself two important questions that will put your guilt into perspective, so you can get over it and move on.

Parenting | Arguing Over Discipline?

Do you and your partner argue over the way you discipline your kids? Parenting Coach Kelly Bourne explains the number one reason why and shares advice on how you can handle your differences and get on the same page.

Parenting | How to Prepare Your Child for Sleep Away Camp

Is your child ready for sleep away camp this summer? Sleep expert Alanna McGinn explains how to determine whether or not your child is ready for this new adventure and offers tips on how to prepare them for nights away from home.

Parenting | How to Get Daddy on Duty

Are you letting your partner be the dad that you and your baby need? Often times, moms forget the important role that dads have in parenting. Lisa Durante has three tips for getting daddy on duty from day one.

Parenting | How to Help Your Early Riser Sleep Longer

Do you have an early riser on your hands? Alanna McGinn explains why and shares advice on how to set your baby or toddler up for sleep success, so that they can fall back asleep easier in the early morning on their own.

Parenting | How to Get Your Kids to Listen

Are your kids not listening to you in public, at home...anywhere? Join the club. Kelly Bourne explains the number one reason why and offers three quick and easy tips on how to get them to listen.

Parenting | How to Survive Life After Having a Baby

So much goes into planning for baby's birth, but it's important to think about those first few weeks after delivery, too. Having a post-birth plan will ease your transition into motherhood and give you some peace of mind. Lisa Durante, of The Crazy Good Life, shares three tips for surviving life after having a baby.

Parenting | I Never Knew

When you become a mom, your whole life changes. In our latest video with Pampers, we're sharing things that we never knew about being a mom before we had a baby. We also have a few mamas share their stories, too!

Parenting | How to Keep Kids Entertained this Summer

In order for us mamas to work from home and meet deadlines in the summer, when all seven kids are home with us, we had to find a way to keep our kids entertained. We found the solution when Springfree Trampoline asked us to partner! Springfree Trampoline featuring tgoma is amazing because it combines outdoor play with the digital gaming that our kids love. The app keeps our tiny team entertained, while being active, and it gives us a chance to get things done. Talk about a win-win!

Parenting | How to Transition Children into Same Room

Alanna McGinn, from Good Night Sleep Site, answers a question from Heidi, who wants her kids to share a room. Alanna offers tips on when it's the right time to make the transition into the same room and ways to make the change comfortable and easy for everyone.

Parenting | Advice to New Moms

Check out our video with Pampers for our top tips for new moms. Our little crew shares their advice for moms, too! (Seriously, kids say the cutest things.)

Parenting | Summer Sunscreen Mom Hack

Do you find it's a constant struggle to get your kids to wear sunscreen? We have a mom hack that will help you get your kiddos lathered up this summer without any fuss. Check out the video for our summer sunscreen hack, the features and benefits of the new Banana Boat SunComfort Lotion, and contest details.

Parenting | How to Deal When Your Kids Misbehave in Public

What do you do when your kids misbehave in public? Stand your ground. Kelly Bourne explains four practical ways to handle the situation.

Parenting | How to Help Baby Nap Longer

Short naps are one of the biggest sleep complaints from parents. Getting your baby to sleep longer is never a quick fix - it's going to take patience and practice. Alanna McGinn explains why your baby takes short naps and offers tips to help make your little nap longer.

Parenting | 5 Things to Say Instead of "Good Job"

Do you say "good job" to your kids a million times a day? Try changing up your responses! Parenting coach Kelly Bourne shares 5 simple alternatives to the typical, overused "good job," which express confidence in your children and boost their self-esteem.

Parenting | Summer Mom Hacks for Sunscreen

We've created a genius summer mom hack to get our kids excited about wearing sunscreen when they're playing outside. Check out this video for our secret solution and for the features and benefits of the NEW Banana Boat SunComfort Lotion.

Parenting | "Help Me Put My Baby to Bed!"

Want your partner and family to be able to put your baby to bed? Sleep consultant Alanna McGinn helps a mom teach her little one to fall asleep on her own, so that others can share in the bedtime routine duties.

Parenting | Head Injuries In Children

Dr. Dina Kulik shares her tips on what to look for if your child experiences a head injury or a fall. Find out when you should take your child to the doctor, call 911 or visit the ER.

Parenting | Discipline Tips for Nonverbal Children

Do you have a toddler who can't yet speak but can express their thoughts and feelings through screaming, throwing, and misbehaving? Kelly Bourne shares her tips on how to discipline a nonverbal child.

Parenting | The Best Bedtime for Your Baby

Wondering what time your baby should go to bed? Sleep expert Alanna McGinn explains why she's the "Early Bedtime Pusher" and why you should be too.

Parenting | Packing for the Park

Pediatrician Dr. Dina Kulik gives some great advice on what to pack for trips to the park with your kids.

Parenting | Secret to Taking Your Kids out in Public

Parenting coach Kelly Bourne shares one simple step to get your child prepared for public outings. This video is all about trips to nowhere!

Parenting | The Importance of a Bedtime Routine for Your Child

Sleep expert Alanna McGinn talks about the importance of a calming bedtime routine for your child and how it helps your child to sleep through the night.

Parenting | Children and Constipation

Pediatrician Dr. Dina Kulik shares some easy tips on how to identify when your kids are constipated and how to keep them regular using high fiber foods and drinks.

Parenting | What to Do When You Feel like Losing Your Sh*t

When the kids get your blood boiling, and you feel the need to freak out, there are a few things you can do to stay composed and keep it together. Parenting educator Kelly Bourne shares her top three tips on what to do when you feel like losing your sh*t!

Parenting | How to Improve Baby's Sleep on Vacation

Alanna, of Good Night Sleep Site, shares tips on what to bring on your family vacation to help your baby sleep better while away from home.

Parenting | How to Treat Cold & Flu

Do you know the difference between a cold and the flu? Pediatrician Dr. Dina Kulik talks all about symptoms, treatments, and everything a parent needs to know about viral infections.

Parenting | Your Baby's Sleep & The Spring Time Change

Sleep expert Alanna McGinn helps parents transition their baby's sleep schedule during the Spring Daylight Savings Time.

Parenting | #1 Way to Get Your Kids to Behave

Parenting coach Kelly Bourne shares one of her favourite tips on how to get your kids to behave -- and it's easier than you think!

Parenting | Protect Kids from Frostbite

Pediatrician Dr. Dina Kulik shares some very important advice on how to properly protect your kids from frostbite this winter.

Parenting | Bedtime Routine Tips

Sleep expert Alanna McGinn, from Good Night Sleep Site, shares her crafty tips to help make bedtime fun and successful for your toddler and child.

Parenting | 10 Tips For Dining Out With Kids

Do you have a special dinner coming up, but you're dreading taking the kids with you to the restaurant? After implementing Kelly's few easy changes, you'll enjoy eating out with your children!

Parenting | How to Swaddle Your Baby

Pediatrician Dr. Dina Kulik provides some helpful tips for new parents on how to swaddle a newborn safely and correctly.

Parenting | How to Discipline a Sensitive Child

Parenting coach Kelly Bourne offers Catherine advice on how to discipline a sensitive child.

Parenting | How to Change a Diaper

Pediatrician Dr. Dina Kulik shares a safe and easy diapering technique for new parents. She also includes some bonus tips and tricks to keep little girls clean, keep diaper rash away, and prevent diaper leaks!

Parenting | How to Handle Tantrums

Tantrums got you down? Whether it's in the privacy of your own home or in the middle of a restaurant, dealing with tantrums can be tricky. Check out Kelly Bourne's tips on dealing with the dreaded tantrum.

Parenting | Your Child's Sleep Environment

What is the ideal sleep environment for your baby? Sleep Consultant Alanna McGinn, from Good Night Sleep Site, shares her top tips on how to set up your child's sleep environment for sleep success.

Parenting | Common Newborn Issues

Dr. Dina Kulik talks all about common issues with newborn babies. Great information for new expecting mothers!